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Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park

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There is a late died-out basalt volcano which had been erupted on the banks of Terkhiin Tsagaan lake 8,000 years ago in the territory of Tariat sum, Arkhangai province, which is 180 km from Tsetserleg city. There are many hiding shelter areas, and it is 2210 meters above sea level, and has an unique formations of craggy rocks, slopes, hills and caves. At the northernmost edge, there is a Khorgo crate, which has a width of 200m, 70-80 meters deep, 30-36 degrees of descent. On the back and edge side there are cedar, larch forests along with abundant fruits and flowers. When the khorgo crates hot lava was flowing, it was twisted, coagulated and finally blown away by the gas and steam puffing up forming into a house like shape.

This home is made up of 10 caves with toono* gaps and gates next to it, so the locals call it a stone house. There are 33 volcanoes, including Gichgenii Baruun Zuun Togoo, Oliin Togoo, Tsagaan Uul, Zalaa Tolgoi, Mandaliin Togoo, Shavriin Tsaram besides Khorgiin Togoo. In the midst of them, the Suman, Gichgene and Chuluut rivers flush with a high speed of water and become a magnificent beautification of the Khorgiin Togoo region. The Beautiful landscapes of Khorgo had become The Strictly Protected Area in 1965. According to the legend, people who had been drenched from wells had forgotten to cover their wells, leaving large quantities of water and flooding the valley. The people yelled”Khorgoogooroi”, (not let go !) and the name Khorgo came to be known and the water which did not let go became the Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur.


Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur : Locates beside the Khorgiin Togoo where in the territory of Tariat sum, Arkhangai province. The north and south Khorgo river flow from which Khangai mountain range was disrupted by Khorgo volcano’s coagulated lavas that resulted freshwater lake. The length is 16 kilometers and the maximum width is 6 kilometers, with an area of 61 square kilometers. It is 20 meters deep and 2060 meters above sea level. There are over 10 rivers, and streams in this lake. Only one main source flows out is the Suman river. It flows about 50 kilometers to the Chuluut River. On the small island which locates in the middle of the lake, there are birds build a nest and lay eggs. Black geese comes very much, and dives up to 5 meters deep and fed by fishes.


Myth: There are elevation area in the eastern side of the Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. The travelers who came accross through that altitude exclaimed seeing a huge lake. “ Ter Ikh Tsagaan Nuuriig Kharaa ” “That Great White Lake See” (See That Great White Lake). It is said that Ter Ikh Tsagaan Nuur or Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur was originated from this.

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