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Nutrient abundant, hot quality and sour taste. Compared with other animal milk, it is better for albumin, vitamin, and milk. Means of various vitamins, such as amino acids and fatty acids, are superior to any other animal milk. One liter of airag can meet the daily needs of vitamin C in human body. Mare milk greasiness is almost 3 times lower than that of the cow’s milk, but it is characterized by the melting of relatively low temperature and rapidly absorbs into the body and is unique with its treatment quality. Russian scientist P.Ulmanlin proved that tuberculosis bacteria can not multiply in mare’s fermented milk and airag’s fat. Mare milk composition is fat 2 percent, protein 2.2 percent, lactose 6.6 percent and vitamin C 2.5-8.5 milligram. Mongolians have been making and using airag for 2000 years. Mare’s milk contain 6 to 8 percent sugar. Airag’s sugar decomposes to carbonic acid and alcohol  when airag gets fermented. In order to ferment airag, mare’s fresh milk is cleaned, strained and mixed with yield along with 5000 times shakes. In Airag, there are almost all vitamins A, C, B, and E which are needed for human health. Airag is superior to cow’s milk and calcium, phosphorus, cobalt, and copper. It is important for the treatment and nutrition of the bacteria. One liter of mare’s airag contains 20 grams of fat, 23 grams of protein, 35 grams of sweet and contains 453.7 kcal calories.

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